Saturday, November 16, 2013

How Can You Help? ---- Survey Results

From the survey results, there were a lot of responses that involve scanning, indexing, proofreading, etc.  Many people said they would help if there is a way they could help without coming to Charlotte because of where they live.  And, of course we realize many people work and do not have time for much volunteer work.

Following is a list of responses received and we would invite those who made some of these responses to let us know who you are so we can work together.  You can let us know by responding to this post in the  blog or if you wish to use email instead, you can email us (the Board) at

Writing articles on various historical subjects
Add information through the computer
Purchasing for room supplies
Provide refreshments for meetings
Supplying room or event supplies
Attending other society meetings and bringing back ideas
Speak at meetings
Perform what can be done without coming to Charlotte

Fund raising
Encourage others
Help in the background
Take headstone photos in other areas (where they live)
Ideas for increasing membership

It is clear to me that we may be able to get extra help with indexing and proofreading by using some type of on-line entry form that people can use from their own home & computers.  I will be researching this to see if I can find an easy way to make this happen.  The fun thing about indexing and proofreading is you never know when you may find records on your ancestors!

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