Friday, November 15, 2013

S.W.O.T. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Our top 5 strengths
Other strengths
1. Unique collection in a centrally located area in Eaton County.
2. Dedicated, friendly, knowledgeable  volunteers.
3. Web site.
4. Partner cooperation (CSA, Historical Commission, County, Library)
5. Strong membership base.
- Good rent.
- Public access of records.
- Good open hours.
- Good programs.
- Ambience.
- Friendly atmosphere.
- Family oriented.
- Strong core-group.

Our top 5 weaknesses
Other weaknesses
1. Unfinished projects.
2. Lack of volunteers and officer turn-over.
3. Internal communication.
4. Incentive to membership & volunteering.
5. Publicity.
- Meeting space layout.
- Musty building.
- No open hours for working people.
- Not as friendly as we could be to new visitors to make them feel included (this is in process of being changed).
- Policy & Procedures.
- Backup of computer files.
- Lack of long-distance phone plan.
- Unlimited free research.
- Long range publicity.
- Shortage of vault storage.
- Room volunteers not kept up-to-date.

Our top 5 opportunities
Other opportunities
1. Generate publicity.
2. Community outreach.
3. Membership Benefits.
4. Ebay (to sell), Pay Pal, Credit Card.
5. Web visibility.
- Member flyers to libraries, Chamber of Commerce, Welcome Centers, etc.
- Educational programs.
- Generate revenue by membership discounts.
- Print on demand.
- Expand projects.
- More events, such as bus trips, which brings people closer together.
- Share publication list & shelf list with other Societies.
- Promote Society’s Pioneer Family program.
- Create a Family Group Sheet collection.

Our top 5 threats
Other threats
1. Off-site backup of computers.
2. System Administration backup & computers out of date.
3. Aging/infirmity of Society.
4. No backup people for officer duties.
5. Financial health.
- Meeting space layout.
- Lack of communication.
- Fund raising.
- Disaster plan.

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