Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our beginning work plan

This is the work plan we quickly came up with at the workshop.  By the time we got to this task, we had to hurry a bit as it was the end of the day.  Again... this is the beginning.  We will be working on this plan to refine it, add to it, etc.

Offsite Computer backups
Identify method to back up files offsite.  Could be external drives placed elsewhere, or cloud backup.
We will ask John Evans for help in this area.
Two months – January 2014.
Identify unfinished projects
Ask a Monday Night indexer to attend Board meeting. 
Bill H. will ask Monday Night indexer.  Sherry will identify some.
One month – December 2013
Finish a project.
Determine which project can be finished.

Identify contacts, including townships and various media.
Sherry will work with Julie Kimmer & Joy Black.
Three months – February 2014
Education classes
Provide a series of 4 classes in the Charlotte Library about genealogy.
Shirley will do classes.  Sher will work on setting it up and publicizing.
Nine months – Spring/Summer 2014
School outreach
Give talks in the classroom.
Sher will contact Julie Kimmer to get advice on contacting schools.
One year – 2014 school year.
Youth groups outreach
Contact area youth groups to work on projects for/with us.
One year
Membership Benefits
Identify more membership benefits.
Sherry will identify website Members section benefits.  Board will work on more.
Members website – Two months – January 2014. 
Others – Two-Ten months.
Electronic method for people to purchase/pay ECGS.
Set up Ebay account and PayPal account.

Room volunteer meetings.
Set up meetings for volunteers to show appreciation.. provide pizza & give prizes.

New computers
Identify what we need and the plan for getting them.
We will ask John Evans for some help with this.  Also, perhaps a mass email to members asking for help.
Spring 2014
Documentation of duties resulting in a notebook of manuals.
Provide a more detailed description of duties for each officer and/or job.
Each person currently doing the job will make their own.
Three months – February 2014 (this gives people who may run for office the information of what that office consists of.)
Ask membership for their expertise & help
Send mass email to ask for computer research help (to purchase new computers) and other items that were mentioned in the survey.

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  1. I have a number of questions concerning ECGS Technology in order to help. Is the plan to have discussions about the above items and tasks here?